How Old Do Your Children Should Wear Sunglasses?

Some reports say that "children who are too young are not recommended to wear sunglasses because the visual function is not yet fully developed and requires more bright light and clear image irritations. Sunglasses can affect the child's visual development."


Objectively speaking, while blocking ultraviolet rays, sunglasses also filter a part of visible light, but sunglasses are not completely blocked by visible light, and the wearing time is not long. As long as you choose qualified professional sunglasses, it is guaranteed that filtering out ultraviolet rays and sufficient light transmittance will not have a negative impact on infant vision development.


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends:

Children over 6 months can wear professional sunglasses for physical sun protection.

It is also necessary to use sunscreen for less than 6 months, but it is too small to wear glasses very well, so you can choose sun protection coats and other measures when you travel.


The recommendations from FLYMOON are:

Children who are more than 6 months old can wear sunglasses, but they should also be based on actual conditions:


Children under the age of 3: Because it is impossible to be independent, it is difficult for children during this period to use sunglasses. There may be cases where the temples are poked into the eyes. If you want to wear sunglasses, you should choose a style with high safety and comfort. If you don't use sunglasses, you can choose protective measures such as sun protection coats when you travel.

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Children over 3 years of age: Self-motivation is slightly stronger, parents can let children choose qualified sunglasses under the guidance of professionals. Wear sunglasses when the sun is strong outdoors or in a strong UV environment (try no more than 1 hour). Once you are away from strong light or ultraviolet light, you need to pick it up in time and don't wear it indoors.

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Remember, don't let your child wear sunglasses for too long, it will cause eye fatigue and even affect visual development.

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