How To Choose Reading Glasses?

Older people have presbyopia, pick a suitable reading glasses, you can see things, your eyes are better, how to choose good reading glasses? We together look!


Choose the appropriate degree reading glasses

When we choose the reading glasses, the final thing is the degree. We should first select the frame, check the light and then the glasses, so that the eyes will be better.


Do not choose crystal lenses


Many people like to wear reading glasses with crystal lenses because they have a cool feeling. But in fact, the crystal lens is very bad for the eyes. Note that the crystal is natural. There are bubbles inside, but it is not visible to the naked eye, but it will have a bad effect on the light, affecting the vision and aggravating the presbyopia, so avoid using the crystal lens.


Better not choose too large lens


When choosing reading glasses better select a relatively small lens, which can reduce the weight of the glasses can be avoided around the astigmatism, the effect is very good.


It is best to choose a non-metallic frame


Because reading glasses often need to be worn, if the metal material is easy to press the nose, after all, the metal frame is heavier, so it is best to choose a non-metallic frame.

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