How To Do With Fogging Glasses Lens?

The autumn and winter are getting closer... So how should we prevent the lens from fogging? Today, Flymoon will introduce you to a few simple and affordable methods.


1. Buy a bottle of antifogging agent


Spray the anti-fog agent on the lens to wipe it, not only to clean, decontaminate, anti-frost, anti-fog effect is quite obvious, generally can guarantee a fog for a day or two.


But remember, don't try to buy fakes cheaply. After all, it's a chemical, so close to the eyes. If fakes are used, the chemicals attached to the surface of the lens will cause great damage to the eyes due to evaporation of heat.


2. Buy a piece of anti-fog glasses cloth


This is a special treatment of the glasses cloth, the appearance of the touch will be a little tide, but the effect is very good, not only can prevent the lens from fogging, the protection of the lens layer is also very good.


3. Clean the lens with soap and detergent


Remember not to use soapy water directly, which will cause damage to the lens layer. The correct way is to wipe the spectacle lens with a semi-dry, a little soft soap, and then evenly rub it with a cloth cloth, do not use water.


You can also wipe the spectacle lens by rubbing a little bit of detergent on the mirror cloth. Remember, it's a little bit! This will prevent the lens from fogging.

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