Polarized Sunglasses Are Not Only Suitable For Summer


With the increase in UV exposure and the risk of permanent eye damage, polarized lenses are becoming more and more an optional fixture. . Let us show you why placing your optical pharmacy with a range of polarized glasses will benefit your active patients as well as the profit of your practice.

Polarized lenses reduce eye strain, block glare, can be formulated, and are usually formulated with an anti-UV coating. However, not all polarizations are equal! Some low-quality polarized sunglasses may only reduce the reflected light by 10%. Make sure your patients understand the quality of the lenses they buy and the difference between UV protection sunglasses and colored sunglasses.

Colored sunglasses are not polarized and do not need to block UV or blue light from the computer screen. UV-coated polarized glasses are ideal for those who are lifestyle-related for long periods of day driving, outdoor activities or working on snow.

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